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Parke-Vermillion County Humane Society

You can't buy love, but you can rescue it!  


Cassie with Gretchen Southwick

A tribute to a wonderful family pet and a

future vision for all shelter animals 

This Fund was established as an endowment with the Vermillion County Community Foundation and its purpose will be to stop all euthanasia of healthy adoptable animals at the Parke-Vermillion County Humane Society.  Endowments are a wonderful means of donating as they ensure the shelter's future through investing donations and giving the proceeds of the investments to the shelter each year thereafter.  Donations may be financial, stock, real estate, or even a car.  Endowments truly are the "gift that keeps on giving".

CASSIE's Fund is an acronym for Creating Awareness to Stop Senseless and Inexcusable Euthanasia.  Cassie was a family pet of Mark and Sherri Southwick's family for 13 years.  She was discovered at the Terre Haute Humane Society on the last day before she was scheduled to be euthanized.  The reason......she was an adult dog, the shelter was full and her time was up.  To Mark and Sherri this was inexcusable and they could not stomach the fact that such a wonderful dog was about to be euthanized, so they decided to adopt her.  She gave the Southwick family 13 years of wonderful companionship and they are forever grateful to have known such a wonderful dog. 

Cassie had given birth to a litter of pups, which were all adopted.  The sad fact is, most pups do get adopted but most of the time the mothers and many other wonderful adult animals seldom get adopted.  Everyone wants a puppy or a kitten, many times overlooking very sociable, highly adoptable adult animals in the process.  This new Fund will increase spay and neuter initiatives, educate people and work to get animals adopted or to rescue instead of euthanized.  If you would like to give to this newly created Fund please contact the Vermillion County Community Foundation at (765) 832-8665 or if you would like to find out more about this Fund you may contact Mark Southwick at (765) 832-1084.

Donate now on-line to the CASSIE fund!  Just click on the 'Donate' button below this paragraph.

Cassie Fund Update: 

Foundation Match Challenge - new deposits - amount now up to over $16,000.00:

Local Resident Issues Challenge to Other Members of Community

     A foundation donation match challenge has been issued to the residents of Parke and Vermillion Counties. A Vermillion County resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, made a $500 donation to the CASSIE Fund Endowment and asks that other area residents follow this example by also making donations to the CASSIE Fund.
     The Parke Vermillion County Humane Society Board of Directors voted to accept the challenge and to use a portion of the money raised through this year’s fundraising activities for the deposit. Board President, Mark Southwick, who originally established the CASSIE fund in memory of a family pet, stated, “I believe in funding this endowment. People should think of it in the same way as funding an Individual Retirement Account. It really is a good way to make sure that the future income for the humane society is secure. We have to plan for the future. We will try to match, dollar for dollar, every CASSIE Fund donation that comes in due to this challenge.”
     The resident who made the recent donation says, “My donating matching funds to the endowment is my way of offering encouragement to the PVCHS Board to continue to increase the endowment. I see this as filling up a reserve of funding which will go onward and upward whether we continue to live or are long gone. This is my way of helping to address what I have recognized to be an ongoing challenge in the day to day ‘nuts and bolts, bulbs and paperclips’ funding needs of the humane society. I feel that it is important to support the efforts and the work of the group in this way, so that one day in the future we will look around and realize that, one bite at a time (no pun intended), we will have SOLVED the very real and very serious challenge of being able to cover the day to day operating expenses for the humane shelter.”
     The CASSIE Fund is administered by the Vermillion County Community Foundation. In addition to being the name of a family pet, CASSIE is an acronym for Creating Awareness to Stop Senseless and Inexcusable Euthanasia. The interest income from the endowment is intended to be used to increase spay and neuter initiatives, educate the public in responsible pet ownership, and work to get animals adopted or into rescue. A primary goal of the CASSIE fund is to stop all euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals that are received by the shelter.
     Donations may be financial, stock, real estate, or even a car. When sending a donation for a specific purpose, please include a note indicating how you would like the money to be used.